Benefits of good manners in life and society (also for children and students)

Manners have been an instrument of peace and also violence or disorderliness in human society that’s why manners have been the best way to define people and who they really are but can you tell what manner really is? The benefit of good manners in life and society

Benefits of good manners in life

Manner as a lot of benefits in human life.

  • Good manners help you to live in peace with people
  • Good manners makes people to care for you
  • Good manners make you friend to people not enemies
  • Good manners helps you to get quick help from people
  • Good manners help you to live a life the is worthy of emulation

The benefit of manner in life and society (also for children and students)

Manner as a lot of benefit in the human world because it has to do with the way people normally behaves especially while with other people. So with this been known, one of its benefits is that it helps people to know who you are and what you can do. click here to learn more about the importance of good manners.

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In this article about manners I would like to link it to an important thing that is actually inevitable for everyone but before I do so let’s have this in mind that if someone does not have manner that is when he would be saying “I can’t live my life to please anybody because I’m living for myself, not for others”

But if truthfully we are all living our lives to please ourselves we shouldn’t be existing or created to this planet earth because everything in life has a purpose and reason for its existence so either you like it or not the truth is that we’re all living our life’s to affect the people around us.

Relationship between manners and other involvement

Do you know there is a perfect relationship between manners and the people you’re living with? If you don’t know I will tell you there is, either you like it or not because even the word manners itself and its practice is basically meant and designed to affect others

That’s why I really want to talk about this main thing in this write-up which is the truth about our relationship with others

The truth about our relationship with others

Yes, do you know that our existence is because of others? Do you know our survival also is all because of others? I will explain why and all I understand about this so bear with me

Truth about others

Your birth was done by others, if not for your parents you won’t be born into this world because you can’t jump from the sky so also is that you were brought up by others (this might be through your parent or guidance) so that means if not for some people you won’t survive your young days

Since your birth was done by others likewise your burial would be done by others. Manners and the way you live your so-called life with people would determine how people would respect and reference you in whatever you do

What I mentioned about have captured all about human life thou there are still several truths that revolve around that word “others” so if you are saying you can’t live your life to please others that means you shouldn’t be living alone with them

Note: I’m not absolutely saying you should live your life to make sure people are satisfied always but try to build a good relationship with them so as to have a good impact where ever you might be

If not for others you can’t be working because they are the one to patronize you and if you are earning wages or salary they also are the reason why you are getting paid so why don’t you want to live your life to respect others?

Even you’re dressing and want to look beautiful because of others, supposedly you are the only one on this planet you won’t have been wearing clothes that means you know your nakedness could affect others attention that’s why you’re covering it

Most people want to buy a car because they want to earn some respect from them and also make them know they are influential so that means almost 70% of what we do in life is mainly meant for others in either way.

When you’re dead all your wealth and riches would be own and enjoyed by others so we are meant to live for others, so why this arrogance and pride. Show good manners to others (be humble in whatever you do)

So we have to learn to live a life that adds value to people around us there why good manner is compulsory for everyone that want to affect their environment positively so as to get good reputation from them

How to develop a good manner

Developing a good manner is the number one thing that’s could affect the people around you positively and actually building a good society of people with good behavior. Here are some guides to follow in other to develop good manners with people around you

  • You have to learn to respect people around you because everyone deserves respect mind you the way you treat people is gonna be the way you will be treated back in return. If you learn to respect people you will earn the highest respect in return because respect is reciprocal
  • Also, you should learn to care for people, caring for people is also a good way to demonstrate a good manner because caring is loving and also loving is caring so if you are a caring type people would know you to be a well-mannered person
  • Learn to say sorry for the first time, yes this is important because Imagine you and someone just accidentally hit each other when trying to pass by other for a good mannered someone you both have to tell each other sorry then if there is anyone among you not saying sorry that’s means such person does not have manner
  • Imply the act of humbleness, the spirit of humbleness is a very good one because a humble person is a very respected person if you’re proud and too boastful of yourself people won’t count you to be something important. So be humble is a very good way to develop a good manner

Good manner as a lot of advantages to human life because the more you add value to people’s life through your behavior the more people cherish and honor you as a person. Don’t learn to live a life that depends only on you learn to live a life that revolves around others.

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Some benefits of good manners have been listed here in this articles but there are more of it that’s could be more advantageous than we think to be the key is learning to respect others through your behavior that’s when you can be called a good manners person.

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