Deja Vu, Past Life, Destiny, Spirituality

Hi everyone, today I would be writing about this topic, Deja vu, past lives, destiny, and spirituality. So I want to write on this just to clear some illusion about it all and people have been making a lot of mistakes in terms of giving definitions and explanations to it (even the dictionaries are not getting it right, I know you won’t believe this)

I’ve always wanted to be a motivational writer (but don’t want to restrict my speaking to it alone) on this blog I don’t want to involve things that are spiritual like this topic of Deja Vu but I realize a lot of websites and blog have written about it but they don’t get what this really is

That’s why I want to write about it so sorry to my subscribers that don’t like to be spiritual but what I want to write here is real even when you don’t believe it is so I would explain Deja Vu, past lives, Destiny, and spirituality so let’s get started

Deja Vu has been something that every human experience if you’re reading this article and you haven’t experienced this that means you don’t know what I’m talking about but trust me I will explain it to detail what it really means

But before I move further I will like to explain it according to what people normally take it to be so I would use a general meaning of it that is given by the dictionaries so let’s check that out

Dictionary meaning of Deja Vu

Dictionaries out there have given Deja Vu a meaning like this, a feeling of an experience of things that have happened to you in the past Life, mark that word “past life”

So that’s why I’m including past life in this article, mind you, I will still explain what past life means in this article as well

The real meaning of what Deja Vu means

Deja Vu is a vision that’s you have of something that is going to happen to you or that has happened to you already so, we can see that the meaning I gave to it is quite different from the one the dictionaries gave it to but I will explain to detail about it

Before I move further I would give a meaning to spirituality before I link it to Deja Vu, but trust me I won’t make the meaning much spiritual as it sounds 😁

Meaning of spirituality

Spirituality means a belief that some actions, existence, activities and so on are taking place in a world that is not visible to us probably an invisible world that is affecting us in the physical world here either negatively or positively

But there is a concept I want to bring out of this spirituality that is every human in this physical world have a spiritual being. I want you to have that in mind as a believe before I link it to Deja Vu later in this article, so let’s continue

I will give meaning to all I want to discuss in this article before I proceed so that’s when I start to link them to one another there would have been a foundational knowledge about it

Meaning of past lives

Past live as it been pronounced mean an illusional believe that you have lived a life before this very one you’re living

I’m sure some philosophers would also believe in this as well that there has been a past life for everyone before this very life we live in but I would say that it’s not real

It’s just an illusion that we create in our self even that has no prove but don’t let me bring much emphasis on this so let’s move to the next thing

Meaning of destiny

Destiny means the things that someone or something would experience in the future. So it can also be said to be a vision of what you’re to do in the future

If we are to look at the meaning I gave to Deja Vu and this meaning of destiny we can realize that there is something similar to them both which is “vision” and “Future”

Deja Vu past life

Future vision

Digging dip into Deja Vu

Deja Vu as a vision is a course inline with your destiny, whenever you have an experience of this always have it in mind that you’re on course, the main reason for this slight vision is just for you not to make a mistake on that course that you’re in, because if possibly you made a mistake on it you might miss it for life .

So this is one of the reasons why you have this Deja Vu as a vision. I know that you would be thinking that what brings about this Deja Vu if I said it’s not an experience of a past life?

Yes there is something that brings about this Deja Vu as a vision this called your spiritual being, your spiritual being is that one that is believed to exist in a world that is not known by anyone which happened to be the invisible world

So this makes your spiritual being so powerful to be able to see into the future but for your to be able to fulfill your destiny and help you not to make a mistake it brings you a vision in terms of Deja Vu which you think to be an experience of your past life

Let me sight an example I got from someone, imagine you’re walking along the street and you’re seeing a lot of cars around you but at the front, your eyes could only cover 3 cars but can you see the ones behind you?

Now, imagine there is someone in a building at the 15th floor can you imagine how many distances that person could see from which you can’t see from so if a car is about to hit another in a long distance you know that person would be able to see that but you can’t see it

And that person was like if that driver is not careful it would hit that other car and a few seconds later the driver hits that other car as that person upstairs said. Now in that example, that person up at the 15th floor is your spiritual being and you walking on the street is the physical being

So that should help you to understand what I mean with this explanation about Deja Vu and why experience it always

You having Deja Vu doesn’t mean what you see or think within yourself, but what it means is what would happen to you soon I mean very soon and quickly but you would feel it like it has happened to you before because it has been registered in your memory

Example of how Deja Vu happens

Have you ever have a feeling that you are talking to someone and it turns to an argument and if you argue with that person it can turn to a fight and the person stab you with a knife? And a second after having this vision within you

The discussion with that person started and it’s about to turn to argument and you will remember that and feel within yourself that “oh it seems this has happened to me before” then you try to withdraw from the argument because you’ve known what will come out there after

There are many examples of this so I said there are two examples of Deja Vu which I would like to explain how and give you meaning to it

Types of Deja Vu

There are two kinds of this experience one comes before the event happens and the other comes immediately after the event has happened

The one that comes before the event happened is a sign you receive to correct a coming mistake that is about to happen in other for you to be in alignment with your destiny

Whereas the other that come after an event has happened is as a sign that you have fulfilled one of your spiritual purpose of creation so I want you to have this meaning with you

And if we are to see we would realize that our mind is pleased with one than the other, so which one of the two are we always pleased with?

We are always pleased with the vision we see after an event has happened more than the one that we see before the event happens but Deja Vu happens to us differently

Further explanation about Deja Vu

Deja Vu comes as a vision that later appear as if you have experienced it before just to explain how powerful human mind is it’s just telling you that your mind is you, because human mind defined him, you can read one of my article about the power of thinking before you act to learn more about human mind

Also, I would say that Deja Vu means fulfilling a conscious vision unconsciously because when it happened you feel like you’ve done this before so this is a sign that you’ve unconsciously fulfilled a vision you received consciously

The mind is so powerful that when you’ve envisioned it, the mind makes it real and that’s where the confusion of this past life of a thing comes in

Let’s bring an end to this writing

I’m sure this article has given you much explanation about Deja Vu and its relationship with both past life and destiny but Every time you have this vision in you have it in mind that is all because of your spiritual purpose.

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