Meaning and concept of knowledge; the truth about knowledge

In my recent article, I wrote that personal experience is more valuable than knowledge gained at school, there I made some emphasis on knowledge but I don’t analyze it that much but in this article, I will write about meaning and concept of knowledge in detail

A lot of people would have been wondering what knowledge is? But I want you to know that knowledge might be a divine gift also it might be gained through a long-time study but there are some things that define a knowledgeable person

But people do miss these things together that knowledge and wisdom are the same things but is not true because wisdom and understanding are a different gift entirely on there own

Meaning and concept of knowledge


So what the meaning of knowledge

According to Merriam Webster dictionary acquisition of knowledge comes through information, understanding, or a skill that you get from experience or education. Meaning and concept of knowledge

The fact of knowing knowledge as a divine gift is part of life value that can never be separated from a person because it’s just another aspect of life, its knowledge based on experience entirely, such people don’t follow theories or principle in the application of their knowledge in whatever they do

Importance of knowledge

There is much importance of knowledge but I will list out some of it

  1. Knowledge helps in settling depute: if you have knowledge either the knowledge you gained through experience, through study or the knowledge you have as a divine gift, it helps a lot in Settling depute among people
  2. It aids leadership: knowledge helps in leading people, if there is a leader without knowing them such a leader does not have what it takes to lead people, also knowledge helps leadership role to be successful. Meaning and concept of knowledge
  3. Knowledge promotes peace two or more people: if an individual has knowing among his peer he can easily make peace to reign among them through this special ability
  4. Knowledge brings enlightenment: knowledge enlightens the person that has it through its ability

Characteristics of knowledge

  1. Wealth: knowledge brings wealth to the people that possess it because they have enough information and understanding of wealth
  2. Knowledge never dies: this is one of its greatest features because knowledge been know can never die even if someone who possesses it dies knowledge can’t die forever this is an assured belief
  3. Information is an important source of knowledge because it’s part of life experience and this makes it a feature of knowledge
  4. Facts and value are parts of knowledge structures if anyone has the ability or a gift of knowledge anything such person should say or teach people must be fact and also add value to them at the same time. meaning and concept of knowledge
  5. Knowledge extends more beyond boundaries: knowledge extent around, if someone has the ability it would take the person to places he doesn’t even think he can get to in life

Sources of knowledge (meaning and concept of knowledge)

Below are the ways of getting knowledge:

  • Knowledge can be acquired through information
  • Knowledge can be acquired through experience
  • Knowledge can be acquired through understanding
  • Knowledge can be acquired through education
  • Knowledge can be acquired as a divine gift

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