Personal experience is more valuable than knowledge gained at school

I know people might have been wondering what personal experiences might be thou knowledge gain at school might be known by all as well but the main thing is how can we really explain why personal experiences are more valuable than knowledge gained at school.

The first thing is that we have to try to discuss what personal experience is and also what do we understand by the knowledge gained at school before we can talk about the value they both give and make a final compensation about the reason why personal experience is more valuable than the knowledge gained In school

What is the meaning of experience?

Experience can be said to be a knowledge acquired from some things that have happened to you in life or skill you possess from what you have been doing for a very long time. This is what I take the experience to be.

How can this experience link to a person?

If experience is linked to a person that’s when it would be called personal experience so from the definition about it, this means a knowledge that a person acquires from some things that have happened to him in life, also it’s a skill that someone acquires from what he has been doing for a very long time.

Now, let’s discuss knowledge, what is knowledge?

Knowledge could be said to be an information, understanding or a skill that you get from a so-called experience or through education. Knowledge can also be a divine ability that one possesses.

From the meaning I gave itself, we can realize that knowledge there as something to do with education, but that doesn’t bring out the fact that I’m writing because of the meaning but because I want to explain in detail about it

Does knowledge come before experience or experience before knowledge?

If we can trace even from the ancient stories we have been listening to we can realize that something must surely come before knowledge could be acquired, so what comes before knowledge?

I know this quote won’t be something new to you that; experience is the best teacher, so from that quotes something comes out if it that experience teaches

After you’ve learned from experience that’s when you will acquire knowledge which means that experience come before knowledge in terms of the acquisition.

We must have some things to go through in life, those things we have been through is part of your experience and this would later aid you in getting knowledge about such things which means if anyone gets to that same position you were

From the advice and teaching, you will be giving people on that issue would make them tell that this person has the knowledge and this makes the experience a foundation for knowledge.

How do these two concepts shape the life of an individual?

Every individual have their life been shaped by these two concepts, each and everyone have an experience in life either by one way or the other because things we are all going through right now is our personal experience

Also, the concept of knowledge as well as what we all have either by one way or another because all the experience you have in life is going to turn out being a piece of knowledge for you in one way or the other

In terms of it shaping an individual’s life, they both have a great impact on everyone’s life, the impact might now be either positive or negative pertaining to an individual’s life experience.

What is personal experience?

The personal experience could be said to be the lessons that individual personally learn from life lessons in order to shape their life to whatever the outward certificate might be. This is what personal experience about life really is so with that definition we can know how personal experience could define our life

What is the nature of personal experience?

Personal experience in nature means the way we experience life and actually the way we can define life, we all know that we are seeing life from a different angle if I’m seeing life from the north direction you might be seeing from the south direction

So personal experience in nature actually means how we as an individual could define life and explain what life means to us and the reaction of life to us, that’s the nature of personal experience

Nature of school as the source of generating knowledge

The school has this nature of giving out knowledge to people because it has been known for teaching people more about important things pertaining to some aspects of life

The school has this nature of giving knowledge out to people because things that are learned in school are researched and well-analyzed so this makes school to be a source of giving the knowledge to everyone but does that make it greater than personal experience?

Personal experience is more valuable than knowledge gained at school

Experience and knowledge

How is knowledge gained from personal experience valuable than knowledge gained in school?

If you are to look closely at these writings so far you will realize that one is more valuable than the other and which one of them is much greater than the other?

Personal experiences are much valuable than the knowledge gained at school because everyone in life must have a personal experience but not everyone could go to school for gaining knowledge from there

The fact is that all the knowledge we go to school to acquire are things some people have as their own personal experience, which means that some people’s experiences are now been thought in school

Your own personal experience might later turn out be what some people would be learning in school later in the future and this is the reason why personal experience is more valuable than knowledge gained at school

Can we say knowledge gained in school is much better than personal experience?

Well, this could be an argument because if you can study this writing you can figure out that personal experience is better than knowledge gained at school, but we can say that knowledge gained at school is somehow better than personal experience

This could only be possible because we all started going to school when most of us have not had any life experience so this makes us get some knowledge about life through School

But the fact is that knowledge gained in school is useful in some life aspect, it does somethings that can’t be possible with just our personal experiences, this makes school knowledge much useful than personal experience

Benefits of personal experience

One of its benefits is that it helps others coming behind us, in order to help them shape their own life experience I know everyone is also learning from others mainly our parents they have been teaching us from there own personal experience which has served as a guide for every one of us

Also, we’ve been learning from the experiences of people around us even we use them as examples for our younger once, so this makes the personal experience beneficial to everyone because it’s inevitable

Benefits knowledge gained at school

Knowledge gained at school also is every beneficial because it has been helping us now in this current world, through the influence of education we acquire leadership ability

Through education, we have learned a lot of things and gained much knowledge so this has made education an important thing for us all to have, in order to get the knowledge that education is involved.

Let’s round up

Both personal experience and school knowledge are important in life none are to be left out but still, we all have to know the fact that personal experience is better than knowledge gained at school.

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