how to find your passion and prime purpose in life

Are you still struggling to find out what your passion is? And doubting what prime purpose mean as well? Have you ever wondered what it means to see into the future and know your purpose in life?

If your answer to all these is “yes” then you are in the right place at the right time to figure out what this concept means, how it operates and how to make it work out well for you. Shall we get started?

Do you have passion for anything at all? If you do then let me ask this way what’s your passion? Do you have any at all? If you do have one then are you pressing on the right passion towards a bright future? Let’s move further.

Life revolves around you and it bring along alot of things of mystery and confusion like I have once said in one of my previous post that life is so

confusing and no one has never been the Professor in predicting the future. If this is well said than done then let make this more understandable.

Now what does passion means? How do we acquire passion? How does it work within us and what exactly will it do for it subject? Let’s make some elaboration on this questions so as to bring a solution to it.

Now let me start with what is passion?

Passion is the feeling of enthusiastic towards something you like doing, or something you heard of, it might also be about something you aspire for. With this definition of mine about passion

You can figure out what passion is, but do you know passion can also be negative? If you don’t have an idea let me quickly make a brief explanation about that firstly by giving it a definition

What is passion in a negative direction?

Passion Can also be said to be a strong feelings that make you act in a negative way towards something, this type of passion do come most times in form of anger, even anger is the key to its operation.

Let me make it clear by sighting examples of this type of passion. Some people have passion for killing all they are delighted in is to kill now it turns to a passion

also theft is a good example of this passion because it all revolves around anger it operation can’t be carried out without anger so it’s the negative passion.

Hope you are not lost about the positive anger? It’s just an explanation just to make you understand what I’m trying to discuss in this write-up. Can we move on now?

Now let’s discuss about the second question in the third paragraph.

How do we acquire passion?

This question brings me to a great reasoning because passion could be acquire through many ways, it can be acquired through force, it can be acquired through self determination,

it can be acquired through influence, it can be acquired through interest and so on. But let’s make some little explanation about the method of it’s acquisition.

Let’s start with the first example which is force.

Through force: This mode of acquisition does not come truly the way it sounds but you know alot of people want their children to develop interest for some thing and those things could later become a passion for the child mind you

it’s not what the child love from the start but at last the child might now grow a great passion for such thing, that means such passion is mostly from parents to child.

An example of this passion is when the parent wants to teach their children about their culture most especially African culture you know sometime

these culture are not easy to learn but when the child is grown he/she might have passion for that culture even more than the parent so we can classify this here under this type of passion.

Secret about how to find your passion and prime purpose in life
Purpose and passionate life

Secondly, passion acquired through self determination: This passion means how it sounds, it’s a passion about what you truly want and desire and this might turn

out being a passion for an example a child that loves playing ball in the street and because his friends do tell him he plays like a football star named CHRISTIANO RONALDO then his

passion grows bigger for football and you know a child like this would always want to know more about football bacause of the passion he grows for the sport.

Mind you this example might not be a perfect one but I’m sure you can get the clue into what I’m about to say with the example? If yes then let’s move on.

Passion acquired through influence: influence as a big role to play in the life of we human, ‘influence’ this as been the word behind the rise and fall of alot great men in history also in terms of passion it plays a big role as well.

Let me sight an example from a boy that have a friend addicted to game if the boy is not careful he would later on become a game addict like his friend because of the power of influence.

Let’s note this that influence mostly come from a friend and also from people you move with, you have to fear the power of influence because it can ruin your life and also make it better.

Lastly passion can also be acquired through interest: When you are interested in something it could later turn out being a passion for you because interest also bring about passion

if I am to say I will tell that there is a connection between passion and interest because I can say they work together.

Now let’s treat the last question in the fourth paragraph.

How does it works and what deos it do to it subject?

Can you give an answer to this? Do you know how it works and what it does to it subject? If I was also asked these questions few years back I’m sure I can’t

give an answer to it because of the complexity of it’s answer but notwithstanding let’s try to dive into it for more explanation.

If I’m to say I can tell that passion rules the brain it takes control of your thoughs and also make you see other things as nothing compare to what you want,

it totally makes you ready to do anything to satisfy yourself with what you call your passion it’s like a spell if I can say because it’s what you want and like to do, keep this in your mind that your passion turns your behavior you either take it or leave it.

Now let’s make some explanation on purpose before we move to the main thing.

What does purpose means?

Purpose simple means the reason why something is done or used; it also means the aim or intention of something.

If you’re reading now the question you should ask yourself now is that “Do I have a purpose for my life?”

The reason why you should ask yourself this question is that not everyone has a purpose if you’re to ask some people why they go to school they don’t know neither do they have purpose for it all

they know is that they are going to school because people are going mind you this is not only applicable to school alone it applies to all aspect of life, when you do things without a purpose

then that means you you’re not a purposeful person and I’m not sure if your success concerning that thing you’re doing is assured because there won’t be zeal to push for success.

If you’re reading now I think you need a purpose for life because “A fool at 40 is a fool forever” but I will say that a fool at twenty now is a fool forever be wise.

Purpose brings about dream it is an important thing that every man must have to attain a better future and also to live a great life, a life without a purpose is a life that can’t be fulfilled.

Do you know that if you have a purpose in life it brings about aim and it makes you have a great urge for whatever you have it for?

Now let me ask you, what’s your purpose in life? Do you have any at all?
These questions are the type you should always ask yourself so do you even know what it deos?

But not everyone that has a purpose can have it fulfilled because not everyone knows what to be done in other to fulfill their purpose in life, this is the reason I

really have passion for this topic and trying to make sure I make some clear explanation about it because it might help you solve some problems you have. Shall we proceed?

Hope you’re not carried away with what you have just read? It just an explanation let’s continue.

Now if I could ask, do you have any idea about the relationship between passion and a purpose? Do you even know they both have some connection? Don’t be disturbed, let’s dig more into this.

The relationship between passion and purpose.

Let’s start this with the definition I gave to both passion and purpose, I wrote that passion is the feeling of enthusiastic towards something you like doing, or something you heard of

it might also be about something you aspire for and also I said purpose simple means the reason why something is done or used; it also means the aim or intention of something.

Now with this definition I think you can buy into what I’m trying to say here when passion is a feeling you have toward something and a purpose means the reason for something being done

that means that one must come first. The question is which of them come first?
Which one do we first feel before the other? Let’s try to explain more about this.

If I would tell I will say that purpose come before passion in their form of arrangement, do you disagree with this? If you don’t then you can tell us more in the comment section you’re most welcome if you can do that.

Now back to what we are saying, the reason why purpose come before passion is that it come along with the word reason behind a particular thing

which means you have your reasons for engaging in such thing and that’s why it precedes passion because passion comes with a zealous feeling about what purpose have brought.

Now do you know that if you have purpose without the involvement of passion the purpose fulfilment can’t be assured?

I think your answer to this question should be purely yes because now I think you should have known you need a strong passion to fulfill what so ever your purpose are.

This connection between purpose and passion makes them come together and that is what bring about this topic “how to find your passion and great purpose in life” I decided to make it that way in other for me to make you understand the connection between the two of them

Hope you’re enjoying this? Don’t worry we are almost done.

Now let’s treat the topic itself; how can you find your passion and great purpose in life? I think this should be the question.

This is quite easy with what we have first discussed about the relationship or connection between passion and purpose.

Firstly, everyone has a purpose in life but getting to achieve the purpose has been a great challenge some people are facing in other to fulfill their purpose but

my guide is that all you have to do is just to demonstrate your purpose with passion then you will see that it will bring you to the right path to succeed because passion itself bring solution along.

Now with all we have been discussing can we come to a conclusion now? Let’s wrap it up.

Passion and purpose works together you need the two in other to succeed in your doing no matter the aspect of life if you have a purpose

make sure you demonstrate it with passion and there comes your success. This is all about how to find your passion and prime purpose in life thank you.

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