There has been a question that how do I take responsibility for my life? A lot of people try to make this question rhetorical because they believe you ought to know how to take responsibility for your life.

Taking responsibility for one’s life might be the best way for someone to know the right thing to do in life, despite the fact that there might be some reasons for people claiming not to be responsible for what so ever happens to them

But the truth is that you are responsible for whatever that happens to you in life even thou if you don’t accept the fact and maybe probably you don’t believe in it but the truth is you’re the one responsible for the outcome of your life

Life of human from childhood to adulthood

From childhood, a child is been trained by his or her parent he receives care and absolute attention from them because the child is still small and can’t do things for his or herself but immediately the child start growing up there would be some changes appearing in him

Because the more you live the more you develop so the child would continue in the journey of life from crawling he would start walking, the child would stop using the feeder and eating good foods

This is when the journey of a man begins because in the process of growing the child would start eating on his own also the child would start making choices of his own

If his mother take him out for shopping you would realize the child would start making choices of things he wants meaning his mom can’t choose things for him again from this stage of life that’s when you start taking responsibility for yourself in life

Because now you make choices of things you want even when you grow to an extent you start making decisions whereby what people can do is just to help you in advice because they can’t choose for you again

Take responsibility for your life


Continuation about; take responsibility for your life

Now with the little explanation, I’ve given about the life of a child till when you’re old enough to start making decisions for yourself do you want to tell that someone is still responsible for what you choose to do?

Don’t make this question a rhetorical one it needs an answer and I want you to answer that all in yourself before you continue reading this article.

The life of a man starts from choice making because the choice of things you made would determine the journey of your life that’s why your foundation is very important

So if you can see now that even thou you might not believe you’re responsible for anything that happens to you but the truth is you’re the one now taking responsibility for your life

What does it means to take responsibility for one’s life

Taking responsibility for one’s life is an agreement within one’s mind and believe that whatever happens to you is happening as a result of how you have planned to make it happen

So if you’re having this belief of life within you it would make it easier for you to make good things out of life because your reasoning would be much higher than when you are not taking responsibility of your actions

Do you know that your life is a result of a molder because one’s life can be compared to a clay used for molding thing which would later bring a result of what the person molding wants it to be

So the question is who is that molder? This is a question I would give an answer I want you to take note to, the molder is you, you’re the architect of your life whatever happens to you is as a result of your actions and steps you’ve taken

The story of a friend’s brother

I have a friend whose brother is very brained in terms of academics they have their parents sponsoring them and this brother of his have been doing so well in his academics so suddenly they lost their parent they both died

And there is no hope for them but with the look of things his brother decided to take responsibility of his life and he has to go do rough works in order for him to send himself to school thou the journey is not a smooth one so far

But after a long-suffering and hustling, he graduated from the University with a first class result now he became a hot cake for industrial companies because they want him to work with them

What I learned from his story is that imagine he’s a kind person that believes his responsibility of succeeding in life lies with his parents, then after their death, he would believe that is the end of everything for him in life

I want you to learn from this little story I gave as an illustration just to make you understand what it really means to take responsibility for your life

Not until you stop believing that there is someone somewhere hindering you form Succeeding you can’t make it in life, not until you stop believing your success lies with your parents or guardian making it in life might not be easy

Not until you believe you are the one making all that is happening to you in life happen you won’t take a step to explore because life wished you whatever you wish yourself and it brings upon you whatever you bring upon yourself

Making it in life is easy if you take responsibility for your life and believe you’re responsible for the actions of life that is when you can do exploit and make better things out of yourself

Let’s end this with a concluding paragraph

Every great man in our society today took responsibility for themselves and they make better things out of themselves, you also should learn from them and take responsibility for your life in order for you to tell good stories in the future.

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