The power of thinking before you act|2019 secret of though

The power of thinking before you act; An experience and a study.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you made a fast decision and on the long run you regretted your actions?
Well I’ve been there, mind if I elaborated how it went with me?
Sure you could learn a little from my own mistake.

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There have been several occasions where we make a fast decision without a deep thinking about what consequences will come forth and later on, we regret taking these actions and even regret being where the wrong actions was conducted.
Now I will share with you a short story about what happened to my mother. Don’t take it as a negative thought, the story is just meant to improve your Life

My mother was a very beautiful woman, she is so beautiful that every man wanted her for a wife.
In the the quest of choosing a man to marry she chose my father who already have two wives and many children but due to some things she thinks it would be of advantage to her she married him and neglect men that that were never married.
Sure it was her decision so I couldn’t question her judgement.
Things didn’t go well and as a result of this, the marriage only brought trouble and fight to the house, though my dad do take care of her.
Along the line, she started giving birth and she have five children which I happens to be the third child in her children.
Naturally, in a polygamous home everyone only take care of their children and wants the husband only to listen to their opinion so my mom have to work hard to take good care of us as her children though it’s not an easy thing to do but it’s all because she didn’t think before she act.

On a fateful day, she fell sick.
She couldn’t hold up the sickness for too long considering the fact that her husband, my father gave her less attention as he is married to two women, she later passed on.
Then, a few months later my father became sick and quite unfortunately, he died.
I and my siblings have been striving for survival though there are help from people and family but sometimes there are some problems that there won’t be no where to run to all because my mother never thought before she acted.
This is really disheartening to me.
A polygamous family have never been the right choice for any woman.
Notwithstanding the fact that my mom knows clearly that what she’s about to do is very dangerous, she still make that choice because she didn’t think before she acted.

Now back to you, I know alot of people might have also taken decisions they later regretted even you reading this might have acted wrongly and not putting your sense first before taking decisions because you don’t know the power in thinking before acting.
But what if you did? Would you harness the power?
Well, you could decide that later.
This is a topic that is attached to everyone, so if you have sometimes acted on certain issues about life and about you, and later regretted your actions, this would help you along the way because I’m going to write in detail on how it affects you and also tell you how best to think before you act.

power of thinking before you act

power of thinking

The power in thinking before acting is very strong and could bring you happiness and as the same time could bring sorrow if not directed properly. It’s just a matter of creative visualization
This has been the secret behind the success of alot of great people and also most successful people in the society have being applying this to their lifestyle and it brings them great happiness.

Act on its own is so powerful that it’s not reversible. Harnessing the power
As human beings, we should learn to be conscious of things we do so we won’t later regret our actions and even our coming generations won’t see us as a pilot of evil.

As we have all known that there have never being a chance of reverse in time this means that there have never being a chance to amend decisions that are already made.
This is the reason why we must be very careful in taking decisions and always think very deep before acting to anything at all.

NOTE: please make sure you share this article with your friends and family on facebook and other social media platforms because all the topics on this blog is attached to everyone, you can be the person solve there problems by just sharing thanks.

Now, you might be wondering about how to think before you act.

Well, let us walk you through;

  • Before making any decision try to think deep about what happened to people that have made such decision and consider the outcome of their actions and check maybe if such happens to you it won’t be a regret of action.
  • Try seeking people’s advice about anything you want to do and use the good advice you were given because not all advice people give you can fetch you a good result.
  • Another way to think before acting is through thoughts. Try to think and figure out what could be the result of your decisions by yourself as you might be in the best position to tell yourself the truth.

We will be delighted to walk you through what you might stand to loose if you do not think before you act; Here goes…

  • It brings sadness at the end as a result of fast decision and actions
  • it could make you not to ever forgive yourself. This is as a result of the fast decision you made. This could also be the saddest moment in one’s life.
  • it could lead to someone committing suicide there have been alot of people that have committed suicide because of the wrong decisions they made.

If you took our guide above, here is what you stand to gain if you think before putting up any actions;

  • it brings happiness to you at the end of the act which means that it will make you being proud of yourself and also your action
  • it could bring respect to you and make other people see you as a role model and prefer to follow your step
  • it will make people see you as a knowledgeable person because you learn from other people’s mistakes by thinking of what comes out of their decisions and this serves as knowledge to you and make people see you as one.

Now can we wrap up?

The power of thinking before you act can lead to positive affirmation,it’s also a law of attraction
You do not need to have ears like that of an elephant to understand that each action you wish to take should and must be evaluated by your mind before you even think of putting it in play.
If you indulge us, and use our guide, you might find out that making mistakes will be a hard thing to,come your way whilst you perform outstandingly good to the likes of people.


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