Truth behind Friends with benefits

What does this mean to be a friend with benefit? Friends with benefits mean a male or a female friend that are friends to one another but have a clause alongside, what’s that’s cause we are going to learn that together in this article so stay with me

We have all known friends to be that best way to commune or live a peaceful life with people and this has been the best way to live happily among ourselves but now friendship are now turning to something else even it’s becoming more worse and worse in some aspect

But Let’s ask what does this friend with benefits really mean?

Friends with benefits mean when a male and a female are into friendship and are getting the so-called benefit from sex. This means the benefit they are giving to each other is sex

So meaning that before they start their friendship there would have been an agreement that in this friendship sex would be involved and they both agreed yes, so they start their friendship there is no how you can start a friend with benefits without having feelings for each other

A boy and a girl

Friends with benefits

Where friends with benefits mostly found

If I would say, I can tell that this type of relationship is most common in the western countries because in these countries they don’t count sex to be something more important so friends with benefits even when it’s not named that, it’s existing

But this is now common almost everywhere in the world now. If you see a male and female friend you will see them having friends with benefits relationship but is that the end of the relationship?

I guess no because most of them end of seeing themselves getting married and they are there to see themselves but the most confusing part of this is that if care is not taken they might not stop having sex with each other if they are not caught

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Because it’s a relationship that lasts longer than dating or any other relationship that has not led to marriage so that’s why I negate the term friends with benefit as a relationship.

Causes of friends with benefits

The only cause it could have is when a guy sees a girl he likes and ask the girl out for a dating when the says no then he always looks for a way to satisfy his lust over the girl then after a much pressure the girl might then ask to be friends with benefits and with this sex is all the guy wants and he would accept with


With my short explanation about a friend with benefits, I guess you should be able to fit out what it means and choose if it’s good or not the decision is in your hands. Nothing like learning the benefits of good manners in life and society

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