What is the meaning of life

If everyone is to be asked this questions I’m not sure if there is anyone who can give a better answer to this, can you give us a good explanation about what is the meaning of life?

What life means to individuals is quite different from one another because life has a lot of color being shown to different people at the same time so everyone can describe life according to the way they see it right?

Yes they can because life is so mysterious in various ways even from the history of each and everyone we can see that life is the best way to describe how a family or lineage are operating right from their past to the present

But the true question that has to be answered is that what the heck is this life per se? What is the meaning of life

This has been the question people have been asking right from the day they start having little experience of life but I will ask what have we seen anyone who can give a perfect answer to this question?

What is the meaning of life


The truth about what is the meaning of life

Life moves around everyone like we have all known but the truth is that this so-called life walls according to individuals believe, yes that’s my own view of life thou it might not be a perfect point of view but nevertheless it gives it’s right

From the onset, everyone has been able to define life according to whatever they are passing through in life and no one could change their mentality of life concerning that thing they have believed about it. What is the meaning of life?

A little comparison that explains what is the meaning of life

Imagine someone who is born and bred in a rich and wealthy family, most of them think that that’s is how sweet life is because they haven’t tasted the other side of life so can we say such person is not getting it right when he defines life according to the way he sees it?

Also, consider s person born and brought up I’m a poor family that has not for once enjoyed the good part of life because of financial difficulties you know that person’s view of life would be absolutely different from another

Such person would be thinking of being great in life and start struggling because life is teaching him how to be strong, people like this if were later made leaders in the future might later be more considerate in action than those that do not pass through what he had passed through the in life

Because life trained him to be strong. But let’s look at this from another angle if such a person doesn’t become successful he would keep dreaming of being great till he gets old and eventually dies you know that’s another story of life.

Views of the philosophers about what is the meaning of life

Every theory propounded are based on individual life experience because we speak according to what we have learned and have happened to us in life

That’s why theories propounded by all these philosophers be it Plato, Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle and others are always different from one another because they define life differently and this definition of life make their words and reasoning different in terms of their theories. What is the meaning of life?

The mystery about what is the meaning of life

There is a lot to live than we think because no one has an idea of how he got this life or neither does anyone know how he was born or got into existence but if anyone has an idea of what we would like to know

Literature view about what is the meaning of life

Because the meaning of life is you and whatever you do in life like what we were thought in school, we were given a definition for a subject where it says “literature is the mirror of life” but is it truly the mirror of life?

If I would answer I will say yes because literature comprises of history, stories, poems, poetry and so on. If we are to say this are the things that define life much better because we can learn from what has happened to someone in history and use that to correct our current action

Also, we can use the power of inspiration to create a drama all just to try our best to define life to people and let them have more understanding and knowledge about where we all found our selves.

In West Africa we use poems to teach our young ones about life because they just got here that’s is how we let them have more understanding about where they found themselves and I know that’s is how poems are also used in different countries as an instrument of thought for kids just to explain what life has to them.

My own view about what is the meaning of life

If I would answer and talk about what life is I would call life a place of mystery and total confusion, it’s a place where you are a happy today and later tomorrow being sad

There is no total happiness, no total sadness, it’s a place where the opportunity comes once in a while and if misused might not bee seen anymore

So, what is the meaning of life to you?

If you’re rich it’s a place of enjoyment, if you’re poor it’s a place of struggling, if you’re sad it’s a place of depression, if you’re happy it’s a place of joy, if you’re married it’s a place to maintain a family and if you’re not its a place to live alone and a lot more of that about life

But what so ever life might mean to you have it in mind that there is nothing in this world that is more terrible than mistakes because a mistake is what brings about regret

If you make a mistake that could never be corrected again you might forever live a life that won’t forgive yourself anymore. Anyone that lives a life that doesn’t forgive him or herself is not living his or her best life no matter what.

I think we should bring this to an end.

But despite everything, the meaning of life is that you give it, I would say Live a life that that affect others positively so they can say and tell good things about you when you’re dead if you live a good example then you’re the meaning of life for the next generations to come after you

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